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My Services

Scope of services

For over 5 years, I have provided clients with a full scope of services in English and Vietnamese to respond to their international communication needs.

This section provides an overview of the main services I offer and my areas of specialization.

If what you are looking for falls outside these general categories, or if you need help in other language pairs, contact me.

I work with a tight network of professionals and can happily recommend someone who would be just the right fit.

Copywriting in English

To be a copywriter, one must possess good knowledge on a variety of topics in order to understand his or her clients' business well.

Working with you in the language of your choice (English or Vietnamese), I brainstorm with you and your team to:

  • Set strategy and define objectives
  • Prepare a detailed project brief
  • Understand your company’s culture, voice, context
  • Define the level of language, register and tone needed
  • Assess your target’s cultural profile

English to/from Vietnamese translation & transcreation

When you look for a professional translator who can adapt your copy in another language and for another culture, ask yourself this:

"How long did it take us to get to polish the style, tone and message? How many people were involved in revising and approving this document? How important is it to our corporate image, reputation and bottom line?"

Translating a document for publication means writing it anew, with the added twist that, as bridge-builders, professional translators have a double responsibility:

  • To the author/client by remaining faithful to the source text’s message and intent
  • To the target by expressing this in a language, in a structure and in a manner that respects his culture’s orientation for the original message to be properly received

Areas of specialization

Most of my clients are in the following sectors or industries:

  • Advertising, Communications & PR
  • Architecture & Design
  • Computer & Information Technology
  • Education & Research
  • Energy
  • Engineering & Mechanic
  • Environment
  • Food & Beverage
  • International development
  • Legal
  • Management & HR consulting
  • Public policy & International affairs
  • Social media
  • Transportation